Large Grants

**The Council is not currently accepting new applications for the current Large grants cycle**

The Council’s Large grants connect the public and quality scholarship through programs that respond to community interest, encourage dialogue and stimulate audiences to think critically about a broad range of humanities topics. They engage diverse audiences in the exploration of their personal and collective stories, asking fundamental questions about identity, work and culture. By providing a larger cultural, historical, and analytical framework, these projects foster more informed, understanding, and engaged citizens, thereby transforming their lives and communities. Additionally, these project foster long-term collaborations and partnerships at the local, state and/or national level.

This grant category provides funds for humanities projects of extended scope that involve both humanities scholars and wide, community-based public audiences. Projects include, but are not limited to, lecture/discussion series, performance/discussions, exhibit/discussions, educator workshops, Standing Together: The Humanities and the Experience of War veterans programs, and film/video productions. Proposed projects may include complementary components that deepen an audience’s understanding of a subject: for example, a museum exhibition might be accompanied by a website, mobile app, or discussion programs. In addition, we encourage projects with community-focused subjects, as well as large national and regional projects. To be competitive for funding, locally focused projects should address topics that are relevant to the community and draw connections to broad themes or historical trends. We encourage applicants to forge partnerships with other institutions such as local cultural alliances, broadcast media stations, cultural heritage centers, university humanities programs, veterans’ centers, and libraries. 

This category requires submission of a draft proposal. Eligible expenses include: scholar stipends, travel expenses including meals and lodging, publicity, and certain other expenses connected with a project of extended scope. Maximum request: $25,000.

Large Grants Deadlines:

  • **The Council is not currently accepting new applications for the current Large grants cycle**
  • Mandatory Draft Proposals: June 30, 2017
  • Final Proposals: July 31, 2017 at midnight
  • We strongly reccommend that you begin your application 2 weeks prior to the Mandatory Draft Proposal due date. For technical assitance with your application please call 704.687.1520.
  • Large grants will be reviewed at the August 24, 2017 Board of Trustees’ meeting. Awards will be announce in September 2017
  • Large grant projects should not begin earlier than October 2017

How To Apply

  1. Please review the Grant Proposal Guidelines before applying.
  2. Review the application instructions and FAQs then watch this video tutorial on the application process.
  3. Get started on your application in our online application system.

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval.

Large grants will be reviewed during the Council's 4th quarter Board of Trustees’ meeting. Awards will be announce in September 2017.