Mission and Vision


The North Carolina Humanities Council serves as an advocate for lifelong learning and thoughtful dialogue about all facets of human life. It facilitates the exploration and celebration of the many voices and stories of North Carolina’s cultures and heritage.

The North Carolina Humanities Council develops among North Carolinians an understanding of and appreciation for the humanities that can transform the way they see themselves and their communities. In support of these goals, the North Carolina Humanities Council is committed to the following:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to the humanities
  • Dialogue
  • Discovery and understanding of the humanities--culture, identity, and history
  • Respect for individual community members and community values
  • Humanities scholarship and scholars to develop humanities perspectives
  • Cultural diversity and inclusiveness
  • Informed and active citizenship as an outgrowth of new awareness of self and community


The North Carolina Humanities Council envisions people who explore their personal and collective stories asking fundamental questions about identity, work, and culture; learning to value others’ stories and perspectives; and transforming their lives and communities through new reflections and new visions.