North Carolina Stories

North Carolina Stories

North Carolina Stories is a North Carolina Humanities Council grant initiative that encourages the investigation of local history via themes such as immigration, migration, adaptation, and displacement. The project is facilitated by a community nonprofit sponsor with deep and appropriate connections to the specific geographic area and requires a humanities scholar specializing in the themes inherent in the project or in the use of digital resources. Under the auspices of the Council, the sponsor group and scholar develop a project which examines, explores, and illuminates multiple aspects of the community and its history. The partners will utilize digital tools to extend the examination and to identify and preserve the collective and foundational history of a place. The digital resources, combined with a mapping component, will be showcased with free public programming to bring results into greater relief for the local community and humanities audiences at-large.


North Carolina Stories projects can receive up to $2,000 of Council funds.


We encourage these innovative programs to apply through our Grassroots Grants.


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