UNC - Greensboro Site - Warrior Poets Society

Mission Statement:

The Warrior Poets Society will provide space and opportunity for Veterans to reflect, share thoughts and questions, and connect with other Veterans.


  • Provide a Veteran‐centered setting and context for Veterans to connect with one another, build relationships, and share their experiences.
  • Create an opportunity for Veterans to give voice to and reflect upon issues of particular interest or concern.
  • Engage with materials that will offer opportunities for Veterans to make connections between their own experience and the experiences of others across time and culture. 

“If you sit around thinking inspiration will come the 13th of every February or so, you'll never get any writing done. You are a literary workman, and ought to work every day.” 

–Thomas Wolfe


(Stallworthy, J, 2014) The New Oxford Book of War Poetry, 2nd ed. ISBN#978-0-19-870447-8

Various other poems will be provided by the Scholar Facilitators and shared with group members before each meeting.


11/18/16:  The first session will consist of an introduction to the program and discussion of goals, objectives, and expectations.  Poets will discuss Randall Jarrell and his connection to UNCG.  The group will read and discuss the following works by Jarrell:  The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner and Eighth Air Force.

1/27/17:  This session will consist of a continued discussion of Randall Jarrell’s poetry.  The group will read and analyze the following works: A Camp in the Prussian Forest and A Front.

2/24/17:  This session will be framed around the history of warrior poetry.  The group will read and discuss the opening of Book 2 of Virgil’s The Aenied.

3/24/17: This session will be framed around war poetry in the modern world.  The first half of the session will be dedicated to reading and discussing, Here Bullet by Brian Turner.  The last half of meeting will be dedicated to reading, reviewing, and editing the Society members’ own writings.

4:21/17: The final session will be dedicated to reading and discussion of the Society members’ draft works of poetry.  After the works have been read and discussed, the remainder of the session will be dedicated to final edits and revisions of their work.

 “If you want to be a writer, then write. Write every day!” – Dr. Johnson