For almost 40 years, the North Carolina Humanities Council has supported free public humanities programs that address fundamental questions about who we are as human beings and how we live in the world.

The North Carolina Humanities Council seeks to answer the question: How can we preserve our distinctive differences and still share common ideals and values?

By helping to sustain projects ranging from dramatizations about the lives of migrant farm workers to institutes and seminars for public school teachers, the Council gives North Carolinians opportunities to share and understand the state's cultural diversity.

Since 1972, the Council has brought more than $13 million to North Carolina communities in all 100 counties. Every dollar has been matched by the citizens of North Carolina, mostly through in-kind contributions of time and energy.



The Council's unique programs reach out to North Carolinians across the state to offer educational opportunities that are local, civic, and participatory. The Council has promoted this weaving together of cultures and communities through a carefully created vision that has evolved over three decades.