Altered Landscapes - North Carolina's Changing World

If You Want Me To Stay, by Micheal Parker

Salt, Garden Spells, If You Want Me to Stay, Blood Done Sign My Name, and Plant Life — four novels and one history-based memoir — were all written between 2003 and 2007. They bring a childhood perspective to bear on dangerous worlds where innocence is quickly lost. These works from the new millennium differ from those before in that they begin more starkly with recognitions of the inevitability of violence and loss. Darkness fills the margins. Yet as grim as life can sometimes get, hope exists where it always has, in human hearts, in strong memories, in a commitment to reach across the divide to hold another’s hand.

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  • Salt, by Isabel Zuber
  • Garden Spells, by Sarah Addison Allen
  • If You Want Me To Stay, By Michael Parker
  • Blood Done Sign My Name, by Timothy Tyson
  • Plant Life, by Pamela Duncan