Presidents, Politics & Power: American Presidents Who Shaped The 20th Century Film Viewing & Discussion Series

During the twentieth century the American presidency became the most powerful office in the world. The basis for the power inhered in the extraordinary natural wealth of the United States, in a dynamic economy that operated within an expanding free market, and in the vigorous entrepreneurial energy that those conditions encouraged. But these ingredients did not themselves constitute national power. It required the agency of strong national leadership to make the decisions and shape the policies that would transform the United States by century’s end from an insular, second-rate military entity to an indispensable world power. This series of presidential biographies on film engages the public in a study of the United States and its strongest leaders.

Format: DVD

Session 1: Theodore Roosevelt: The Bully Pulpit

Film: TR, The Story of Theodore Roosevelt

Session 2: Franklin Delano Roosevelt: No Ordinary Times

Film : FDR

Session 3: Harry Truman: Cold Warrior

Film: Truman

Session 4: Lyndon Johnson: Anxious Power

Film: LBJ

Session 5: Richard Nixon: Power Used and Abused

Film: Nixon

Session 6: Ronald Reagan: Reordering Priorities

Film: Reagan