Chagall in Israel: Exploring Chagall's Artistic and Spiritual Legacy

Chagall's relationship to Israel, as cited by his biographers, was thought to have come from a 1931 commission he received to do a series of illustrations for the Bible. Actually, the trip which he made to Palestine before the State of Israel was created heightened Chagall's enduring bond with his Hasidic Jewish heritage. He returned to Israel seven times during his lifetime, maintaining close ties with artists and art historians, politicians, writers and businessmen, and extending the depth of this involvement with each visit.

This lecture examines these artistic pilgrimages to Israel, and, accompanied by a powerpoint presentation, serves as an introduction to the vast store of his paintings and other artwork which he gave to the Jerusalem Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum, as well as a sampling of sketches, drawings and other works found in both private and public collections.

lighted lectern, microphone, LCD projector, very large screen or white wall