Charlotte Ross, Ed.D.

Adjunct professor in the Department of Communications at Appalachian State University, freelance folklorist specializing in Appalachian regional culture

Dr. Charlotte Ross is a freelance folklorist specializing in Appalachian regional culture and is an adjunct professor in the Communications Department at Appalachian State University. She holds a doctorate in education, completing her coursework in folklore and folklife at the University of Pennsylvania, with an emphasis in folk narrative and material culture. In her varied professional career, she has been the director of the Appalachian Regional Collection at ASU, assistant director of the Center of Excellence in Appalachian Studies at East Tennessee State University, president of the Council on Appalachian Women, chairperson of the Appalachian Studies Conference, and program associate and acting director of the North Carolina Humanities Committee (now Council). Dr. Ross has taught English, folklore, Appalachian studies, history and speech at five campuses within the Appalachian region and has conducted more than 4000 programs on Appalachian topics.

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