The Culture of Bluegrass Music in North Carolina: My Life As An Accidental Bluegrass Musician

Gathering in old tobacco barns and general stores across the state, the culture of Bluegrass music and the old South still permeates our everyday lives. While many people associate Kentucky with Bluegrass Music, many of the pioneers of this American art form were North Carolina born and bred. In fact, when one considers the confluences of African, Scottish and English musical heritage, a strong case can be made that Bluegrass was, in fact, born in N.C. Using musical examples (both recorded and performed live) and personal anecdotes of travels across North Carolina from his book, Bluegrass Is My Second Language, this presentation illuminates the joys of Bluegrass music for the uninitiated. 


Please note: This presentation uses instruments.  Please discuss loading instruments with scholar.  See requirements below for further details. 

Lectern, microphone, DVD player, CD player, writeable board, cart for loading instruments.