Erin Coyle, BA, LMBT, CH, presenter 

Erin Coyle

Herbalist, artist, musician, storyteller, and writer

Erin Coyle is an herbalist, artist, musician, storyteller, and writer.  The granddaughter of Irish immigrants, Erin learned early on the value of a good story told over a cup of tea. Collecting travel stories is one of her favorite occupations, and she has, accordingly, lived all over North Carolina — from an Airstream trailer at the base of Grandfather Mountain, to a tipi on an herb farm in Person County, to the coastal town of Southport, where she owned a tea shop and wellness center. She has collected stories and met interesting characters all along the way.

Erin has offered wellness counseling and consultations throughout North Carolina for 15 years.  During that time she has specialized in plant-based medicine, Celtic spiritual traditions, Irish folklore, mind-body practices, and bodywork. She has formed relationships with numerous North Carolina farmers, herbalists, and healers. At her wellness center in Southport, she offered wellness consultations and bodywork; created medicinal teas; and offered classes in healing, meditation, and herbal medicine. She has lectured on the effects of herbal preparations for Duke University Medical Center staff, and she has taught on the importance of patient advocacy at the Seymour Center in Chapel Hill. She has also co-taught courses in medicinal herbs and permaculture at Central Carolina Community College.

In her work as an artist and storyteller, Erin enjoys making the everyday things that we take for granted come to life through their history and stories.

Even though Erin was born in New Jersey, north of the “sweet tea line,” she hopes you will forgive her.

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