Heroes of a Divided Culture

The American Civil War commands as much interest and intrigue today as it has since the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865.  Much of that interest lies in the enduring need, especially of Confederate descendants, to find a direct and intimate “blood” kinship between those who fought that war and ourselves.

HEROES OF A DIVIDED CULTURE will focus on the major leadership on both sides of the Civil War, beginning with the more notable figures on the national level – including political leaders such as Lincoln/Johnson, Davis/Stephens – and major military players – including Grant/Lee, Sherman/Johnson, Meade /Longstreet, Jackson/McClellan. The presentation will also address such leadership on the state level, then, finally, on the local level. It is on the local level that “Heroes” will address the significance of those Confederate soldiers, both actual and prototype, who represented the “cross-roads community” during the Civil War. 

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