The Month of Their Ripening: North Carolina Heritage Foods Through the Year

Georgann Eubanks’ takes the audience on a flavorful journey across North Carolina in a presentation that shares research and stories about twelve North Carolina heritage foods.  Each heritage food is matched to its month of peak readiness for eating.  Beginning in January, Eubanks presents the story of one of the most fleeting of southern ingredients—snow—to capture Tar Heels making snow cream.  Transitioning to March, a midnight canoe ride on the Trent River reveals the search for shad, a bony fish with a savory history dating back to the Civil War.  In November, a Chatham County sawmill competes with possums for the first taste of ripe persimmons.  Some foods have histories that go back thousands of years, but whose future availability may be endangered due to recent fine dining trends.  Alternatively, some foods are seeing a resurgence in popularity.  Eubanks’ presentation examines how certain foods are deeply tied to North Carolina’s culture, and inspires the audience to rediscover the importance of waiting to enjoy seasonal foods until the time is just right.

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