The Mysteries of the "Lost Colony" and the Iroquois Confederacy

One of North Carolina’s greatest mysteries lies in the question, “What happened to the Lost Colony?” Numerous books, articles and plays have been written speculating about what happened to these people.  Where they killed? Did they move into the interior? Were they captured by Indians?  Recent discoveries in Eastern North Carolina (specifically Bertie County) as well as recently uncovered maps, artifacts, human remains, colonial records and oral histories provide fascinating clues for answering these questions and more. This lecture draws on Smallwood’s 30 years of research in archives in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Canada, and attempts to offer an answer to what happened to these colonists and also explain some of North Carolina’s and Virginia’s forgotten history – particularly that of the Tuscarora and their interactions with Africans and Europeans. By exploring this history, the audience will begin discussions about our state’s complex history and the comingled heritage of many in our state which make up the “melting pot” we call America.  Finally the presentation will shed light on one insight into one of North Carolina’s greatest mysteries, “What happened to the Lost Colony?”

Lectern, microphone, digital projector, DVD player, VHS player