The Roots of Billy Graham

Billy Graham is one of the most recognized Tar Heels both nationally and internationally and had a significant impact on the 20th century. James Lutzweiler’s historical presentation frames the legacy and work of Billy Graham by examining the biographies, autobiographies and the many influences of fellow revivalists working both in North Carolina and nationally. This lecture also explores how North Carolina, in some respects, has become the buckle in the Bible Belt.

Lutzweiler allows audiences to explore Graham’s roots through various northern revivalists like Charles Grandison Finney, Dwight L. Moody and Billy Sunday as well as Alabama’s Sam Jones, North Carolina’s Amzi Clarence Dixon and England’s Gipsy Smith. By situating Graham’s rise among other revivalists audiences can gain a more comprehensive understanding of Graham’s socio-religious impact than by studying his contributions in a vacuum.