Theatrical Costumes: From Concept to Creation

Using visual examples, Dr. Coronado’s presentation offers a detailed explanation of how a costume goes from germ of an idea to an actual stage garment.  To set the stage for this lecture, Dr. Coronado explains out how costumes fit into theatrical design in general and provides a background on relevant terminology. She will show how, for many shows, the director's concept creates the basis for the entire look and feel of the show.  Costume designers have a unique process for researching costumes, which includes gathering information from the play and historical, fantasy or conceptual images to create a costume sketch. Once completed, production meetings are used to inform how costume designs work with the other visual elements of the show. Determined by meetings with the costume designer and available resources, costumes may be built from the ground up, rented, or shopped during production. Further examination reveals how costumes are constructed, including measuring performers, making mock-up garments, and scheduling appointments with performers needed to fine tune fit. Even elements including onstage action and timing affects how the costumes get built. In closing, Dr. Coronado will use sketches and completed costumes to compare and contrast how an idea on a page is transformed into the essential components needed to fully complete a theatrical production.

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