Touching the Face of History: The Story of the Plott Hound, North Carolina's Official State Dog

The Plott bear hound is the official state dog of North Carolina and is widely recognized as one of the world's premier big game hunting hounds. The breed is unique in many ways, including its Germanic origins, distinctive appearance, fierce loyalty, tenacity, and intelligence. But it is the story of the breed that truly sets it apart from all others.

The story begins in 1750 when the breed's original founder, Johannes George Plott, and his brother Enoch, left Germany with their prized hunting dogs. Their trip across the Atlantic began the two-hundred year journey that would culminate in the mountains of North Carolina with the development of what is now considered by many to be the world's finest breed of hunting dog.

This fascinating story of the Plott family and the Plott hound is a classic American tale of adventure with roots deeply entrenched in North Carolina soil and American history and culture. And it is a story that award winning author and historian Bob Plott, the great-great-great grandson of Johannes George Plott, is uniquely qualified to tell.

Bob is sometimes accompanied on his programs by one of his own Plott hounds, or by Nannie and Robert Plott, two dogs featured with Bob on national television shows.

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