North Carolina Conversations

North Carolina Conversations is a biannual publication that offers "from the field" perspectives about the humanities from project directors and participants, creative work by our state's artists, scholarly pieces by prominent North Carolina thinkers and do-ers, and resources for where to find more about why it's good and exciting to be North Carolinian today. Once yearly, North Carolina Conversations publishes its Annual Report to the People.

We enourage you to send in your ideas for possible inclusion in North Carolina Conversations. Do you know about a little-known North Carolina place? An important North Carolinian lost to history? A story about North Carolina that stimulates dialogue among its different cultures?

Send ideas to scrisp@nchumanities. Your ideas are welcome -- because you are where the humanities live.


Crossroads (formerly NC Crossroads) is a free broadside published quarterly that addresses fundamental questions about who we are and how we can live together in the world we share. Special bilingual issues (Spanish-English) are published annually.