Winter - Spring 2011

Winter - Spring 2011

From the Corner of Elm and Friendly

Title:  From the Corner of Elm and Friendly

Creator:  Shelley Crisp

Subject:  Shelby, North Carolina, Smithsonian Institution, New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music, memory, history, Christine Rucker, Phoebe Zerwick, Yadkin River, Neuse River, Trent River, stories, Reynolds Price, Caldwell Laureate, Fred Chappell, “Forever Mountain”, home

Description:  Executive Director of the North Carolina Humanities Council, Shelley Crisp, introduces the publication reflecting on the importance of place to celebrated Southern authors and musicians. 


John Tyler Caldwell Award for the Humanities

Title:  North Carolina Humanities Council Celebrates Fred Chappell as the 2010 Caldwell Laureate

Creator:  The North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  Fred Chappell, John Tyler Caldwell Award for the Humanities, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Michael Parker, Lee Smith, M.F. A. Writing Program, Ed Southern, O. Max Gardner Award, Burlington Industries Professor of English, Fred Chappell Creative Writing Fellowship, Poet Laureate of North Carolina, Sir Walter Raleigh Prize, the Prix de Meilleur des Livres Etrangers, Academie Francaise, Award in Literature, National Institute of Arts and Letters, North Caroliniana Society Award, the Order of the Long Leaf Pine, the Ragan-Rubin Award, the Thomas Wolfe Prize, and the Zoe Kincaid Brockman Award, Appalachian Voices, Teachers Institute

Description:  Fred Chappell is selected as the 2010 Caldwell Laureate.


Title:  An Ode to “Ole Fred”

Creator: Becky Anderson

Subject:  Fred Chappell, moments, lifetime, teacher, student, family, “My Grandmother Washes Her Vessels”, inquiry, Susan Nicholls, poetry, short stories, novels, language, “Forever Mountain”

Description:  Becky Anderson gives opening remarks as she presents her brother, Fred Chappell, as the 2010 Caldwell Laureate.

Contributor:  Fred Chappell



Title:  Carved By the Currents: Yadkin River Story

Creator:  Phoebe Zerwick

Subject:  Christine Rucker, Yadkin River, journey, Blue Ridge Mountains, Uwharrie River, Pee Dee, East Bend, Rockford, Siloam, Shallow Ford, Donnaha Park, Jack Dobson, farmers, land, community, Barney Hill, Lillian Satterfield, relationships, landowners, tenant farmers, stories, “Yadkin River Story: A River of the People”, Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Sawtooth School for the Visual Art, Pilot Mountain

Description:  Wake Forest University professor, Phoebe Zerwick, reflects on themes of community, home, and soul found in her joint exhibit with Christine Rucker, “Yadkin River Story: A River of the People”.


Title: A Rive of the People: A Common Thread

Creator:  Shelley Crisp

Subject:  Surry, Yadkin, Dean Naujoks, document, experience, Yadkin Riverkeeper, Yadkin Pee Dee River Basin, education, advocacy, action, Yadkin River Story project, Christine Rucker, photographs

Description:  Executive Director Shelley Crisp writes on the Humanities Council funded project, “Yadkin River Story: A River of the People”.


Title: A Community with a River in Its Soul

Creator:   written by Phoebe Zerwick, photos by Christine Rucker

Subject:  Yadkin River Valley, Bear Creek Baptist Church, Fisher River, Siloam, Marion Venable, John Mitchell, Donnaha Park, Montie Hamby, Lewis Fork, Wilkes County, Yadkin Pee Dee River Trail Association

Description:  Phoebe Zerwick and Christine Rucker provide a glimpse into their exhibit “Yadkin River Story: A River of the People”.


Road Scholars

Title:  Soundings

Creator:  Ben Casey

Subject:  Eastern North Carolina, Walden Pond, Craven County, Pamlico County, Neuse River, Dawson’s Creek, Coastal Plain, Wake County, Raleigh, adventure, wonder, journey, Dude Andrews

Description:  Road Scholar Ben Casey reflects on the personal significance of the waterways of Eastern North Carolina.


Let's Talk About It

Title:  The “Third Place”: North Carolina Libraries

Creator:  Mary L. Boone

Subject:  public library, “third place”, community, gather, engage, Ray Oldenburg, the Great Good Place, civic engagement, books, reading, Internet, public access, computers, materials, taxes, North Carolina Digital Heritage Center, archives, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

Description:  2005 State Librarian of North Carolina Mary L. Boone writes on the important role libraries continue to play in the Information Age and in the fabric of the community.


Linda Flowers Literary Award 2010

Title: Legacy

Creator:  Traci Lazenby Elliot

Subject:  Nanny’s house, messages, death, farm, memory, witness

Description:  Traci Lazenby Elliot’s “Legacy” is her first published work of fiction and the winner of the 2010 Linda Flowers Literary Award.


Title:  Of Guilt and Forgiveness

Creator:  Barbara Presnell

Subject:  Linda Flowers Literary Award, Traci Lazenby Elliot, “Legacy”, spirit, North Carolinians, Southerners

Description:  Barbara Presnell, poet, writer, and 2004 Linda Flowers Literary Awardee, presents the 2010 Linda Flowers Literary Award to Traci Lazenby Elliot and remarks on being infused with the legacy of Linda Flowers. 


Teachers Institute

Title:  Where Is Our Place in the World?  Documenting Community Through Photography

Creator:  Rob Amberg

Subject:  The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Casteneda, photography, camera, external reality, documentary, Madison County, North Carolina, relationship, images, environment, unmapped

Description:  Writer, photographer, Road Scholar, and Visiting Scholar for the 2010 Teachers Institute Summer Seminar, Rob Amberg, reflects on documentary photography and the relationship between the photographer and the subject. 


Title: AlumNews

Creator:  The North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  Nonya Brown-Chesney, Caroline Cordell Courter, Jasmine L. Hart, Michelle Ray Hunt, Holly Jordan, Mark Meacham, Rebecca Meacham, Kelly White Payne, Angela Taylor, Mary Kent Whitaker, Tammy Young, Joy Kinley

Description:  Alumni from the Teachers Institute share news from their professional lives. 


Museum on Main Street

Title:  The Melody Lingers On

Creator:  Darrell Stover

Subject:  Museum on Main Street, Dob Gibson Theatre, Shelby, New Harmonies: Celebrating American Roots Music, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition, Mount Airy Museum of Regional History, Warren County Memorial Library, Museum of Albemarle, Arts Council of Wayne County, Mars Hill College, Destination Cleveland County, heritage, identity, humanities, Rhythm and Roots Run, “Voices Serving the People”,  Haliwa-Saponi, Elizabeth City, Goldsboro, Road Scholar, Our State, Southern Cultures, Carolina Country, Linda Carlisle, Virginia Foxx, G.K. Butterfield, Richard Burr, Wayne County Public Library

Description:  Program Officer and MoMS coordinator Darrell Stover reflects on the success of the state’s first Museum of Main Street tour.


From the Field

Title:  Homes Lost, Stolen, Escaped, Found

Creator: Lynden Harris

Subject:  Hillsborough, dialogue, identity, place, access, homelessness, “Home Is Not One Story”, Hidden Voices, refugees, immigrants, famine, economics, housing displacement, crisis, transition, Durham, Winson-Salem, Chapel Hill, NC School of Design, Animation Window

Description:  Lynden Harris, founder of Hillsborough based non-profit Hidden Voices, writes on the public humanities project “Home Is Not One Story”, narratives about homelessness in North Carolina.



North Carolina Humanities Council

Title:  Why I Support the Humanities Council

Creator:  Calvin Hall

Subject:  Appalachian State University, African American Journalists: Autobiography as Memoir and Manifesto, trustee, North Carolina Humanities Council

Description:  Assistant professor at Appalachian State University and Humanities Council trustee Calvin Hall reflects on why he is proud to be a part of the mission behind the Humanities Council. 


Title:  Asheville Wordfest, Recipient of the 2010 Award for Excellence in the Public Humanities

Creator:  The North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  Mountain Area Information Network, “Asheville Wordfest”, poets, festival, readings, open microphone, workshops, discussions, presentations, Laura Hope-Gill, The Flying Words Project, refugee, developmental disabilities, different world-views

Description:  “Asheville Wordfest”, a three-day poetry festival begun in 2008, wins the 2010 Award for Excellence in the Public Humanities


The Last Word

Title:  Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poet Series

Creator:  The North Carolina Humanities Council

Subject:  North Carolina Poetry Society, Bill Blackley, Marie Gilbert, Fred Chappell, North Carolina Poetry Society, North Carolina Center for the Book, Greensboro Group, North Carolina Writers’ Network, John Hoppenthaler, Hannah Sloan, Catherine Carter, James Cox, Becky Gould Gibson, Celisa Steel

Description:  Six poets and their compositions are honored from the Gilbert-Chappell Distinguished Poets Series.