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A Just War? Ethical Issues in the War on Terror

Should war be limited by ethics? Or is anything justified in time of war? Over the past ten years, the War on Terror and the war in Iraq have sparked many moral questions. How do the traditions of ethics and Just War Theory help us evaluate the rationale for war, military conduct during war, the treatment of prisoners, and the effect of war on soldiers and civilians?


The Many Faces of Islam: Beyond the Headlines

There are approximately seven million Muslims in the United States. These men and women come from all walks of life and from a range of ethnic and racial backgrounds. This presentation will help audiences better understand Islam in all its diversity in the US and abroad. Who are these Muslims in America and how are they perceived by non-Muslims? What is the history of Islam and what are some of the major challenges facing Americans in trying to better understand the religion, both its ideals and practice? Indeed, what is the experience of being Muslim-American post-9-11?

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Libya: Ancient Crossroads, Modern Conundrum

Libya is more than a sea of sand atop an ocean of oil. It has been — and remains — a cultural crossroads boasting five World Heritage sites. Phoenician, Greek, and Roman ruins dot the coast; Berber fortifications and caravan stops line the desert; and 10,000-year-old Saharan rock art depicts milder and wetter climates. Since 2004 a limited number of Americans have been allowed to visit this once so-called pariah state. Dr. Douglas Butler was among the first. Accompanied by a military representative “for protection,” he nevertheless ranged widely and was allowed to photograph at will.

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