The Farm Poets of Eastern North Carolina: Ammons, Stephenson and Applewhite

The inauguration of Shelby Stephenson as North Carolina's poet laureate in fall of 2014 is just the latest example of the powerful poetics bred on the farms of eastern North Carolina. Stephenson, from the Johnston County farming community of McGee's Crossroads, and James Applewhite, from the Wilson County town of Stantonsburg, are the two most prominent literary heirs to the renowned A. R. Ammons. All three poets have found rich material for their work in the everyday farm life they experienced growing up in rural North Carolina.

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Poetic Voices of North Carolina

During the 20th century, North Carolina poets recorded in verse many of the crucial perceptions, dreams, experiences, and concerns which swirled about them. From profound social issues to the quietest personal moments, from laughter to heartbreak, Clark shares a century of North Carolina thoughts and feelings as she performs many poems with the rich emotions expressed by these gifted poets.

“So I Write Poets - All”

Clark shares many poetic voices as they view the human condition over the last 400 years, looking at what confronts us and the various choices, wise or not, we have made and continue to make as we deal with living our lives, and how those choices affect all else. Our humanity is explored through the poetry of Millay, Frost, Dickinson, Donne, Wordsworth, Tennyson, the Brownings, and others.


Poetry Pickin’s

Great poets from all eras will come to life with special emphasis on the poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Poets  including James Weldon Johnson, Claude McKay, and Paul Laurence Dunbar will be revisited through readings and recitals that show the history of the time and bring to life poetry of old while comparing the messages and the methods with those of the Rap and Spoken Word artists of today.

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John Charles McNeill: Poet Laureate’s Home Songs

John Charles McNeill’s poetry features the landscapes of the Sandhills of NC. The setting for his poetry includes Scotland, Richmond, Moore, Hoke, Cumberland, and Robeson counties. McNeill, skilled in the oral tradition

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Mosaic Writing: Using Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir in Creative Nonfiction

Marjorie Hudson thought she was writing a history book when she took on the subject of Virginia Dare and the Lost Colony in the 2002 Searching for Virginia Dare: A Fool’s Errand, Instead, the haunting subject, full of missing children, grieving fathers, lost nations of Native Americans, and 400 years of legends, inspired her to draw on her fiction, poetry, and memoir writing skills to tell the story. In this program, Hudson reads from her book and talks about her decision-making process as a writer and researcher.

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