Mini Grant

Luke Haynes Lecture

This grant supported a lecture in October 2015 with artist Luke Haynes. The artist is featured in Museum's exhibit Man-Made: Contemporary Male Quilters. The lecture explored the aesthetics and techniques that men bring to this craft traditionally viewed as female. Topics included: the complex relationship between tradition, gender, gender identity and quilting, as well as the fine line between art and craft.

A Home on the Field for All: Author Paul Cuadros

Meet Paul Cuadros, author of a A Home on the Field: How One Championship Soccer Team Inspires Hope for the Revival of Small Town America.  An autograph session with Cuadros will immediately follow the lecture. Audience members will also have the opportunity to ask questions at the event.

Charlotte Teachers Institute- Exploding Canons: NUEVOlution!

The next program in Charlotte Teachers Institute’s flagship speakers series is offered in partnership with the Museum and the new exhibit   ¡NUEVOlution! Latinos and the New South.  

Postcolonial Humanities: Crossing Borders, Making Connections

How do the life stories of colonized peoples reclaim and transform the humanities for a potscolonial world? Come explore how the humanities shape postcolonial society and what it means to be human.

More information available here


Pieces of the Past: The Art of Gwendolyn Magee

Pieces of the Past: The Life and Art of Gwendolyn Magee is an exhibition that features the art of Gwendolyn Magee, a High Point native well-known for her quilts that depict narratives of African American history. The exhibition will be on display from December 5, 2014, to February 21, 2015, at the High Point Museum and it will display and interpret Magee's quilts, focusing on the themes of racial injustice and art as a vehicle for social change.

The Twelfth State: North Carolina Ratifies the Constitution

On Saturday, November 22 in the Pate Room of the Cumberland County Public Library in Fayetteville, the Museum of the Cape Fear, one of seven museums within the Division of State History Museums, will sponsor and present a half-day mini-symposium from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm, celebrating the 225th anniversary of North Carolina’s ratification of the United States Constitution by examining the two major events leading to the ratification, as well as providing social context of North

Lectures By Dr. Engel - The Wizardry of Oz

Dr. Elliot Engel, a frequent guest lecturer at Davie County Public Library, is a scholar, performer, and storyteller whose infectious enthusiasm and radiant wit create an imaginative and delightful presentation. Using anecdotes, analysis, and large doses of humor, he gives new insights into the backgrounds, lives, and accomplishments of the great masters of literature, culture, and fine arts.

The War of 1812 and the Backcountry

Lectures on what's often called America's forgotten war. The nation's foremost expert on the War of 1812, Donald Hickey of Wayne State College, will speak on the myths of the War of 1812. Gary Freeze from Catawba College, will discuss the role of local militia in the war. Howard Kittell, superintendent of The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson's Nashville home, will comment on the past and present of the historic site.

The Genuine South: A Discussion of Authenticity in Southern Music

What do a folkie from Seattle, a California punk, and an oyster aficionado know about Southern music?

It’s a question that spurs many others: What is Southern music? Who’s allowed to talk about it? Who’s allowed to make it? M.C. Taylor, Alice Gerrard, and Bernie Herman will delve into these questions and more on Saturday, April 5th at UNC’s Gerrard Hall in a discussion we’re calling “The Genuine South”.

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