Planning Grant

"Songlines" The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School

This grant supports research and development activities for the project "'Songlines' The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School. The Historic Jarvisburg Colored School (HJCS) was founded by freed slave William Hunt in 1868. The "Songlines" Project will capture their creative, childhood daily life through southeastern regional songs as sung by their grandchildren, great-grandchildren and local school children, making this a truly multi-generational research project.


Planning for 250th Anniversary of Regulator Movement and Battle of Alamance

This grant supports planning activities for the "250th Anniversary of Regulator Movement and Battle of Alamance." May 16, 2021 will be the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Alamance which was the culmination and defeat of the North Carolina Regulator Movement. 

Grits, Greens & Griots: African American Southerners Who Stayed - The North Carolina Story

This grant supports planning activities for the project "Grits, Greens & Griots (GGG):  African American Southerners Who Stayed." The project focuses on the North Carolina story of the Second Great Migration (1940-1970) and examines the motivations and experiences of African Americans who chose to remain in the South and confront the challenges of Jim Crow, rather than seek sanctuary in other parts of the country. The initiative will capture the oral history of elders, 85 years of age and older, who were born in the South and lived most of their lives in North Carolina.

Cultural and Historical Factors and the Use of Counseling Center at UNCP

This planning grant provides funds to plan an interactive mini-conference to serve as a platform for participants to talk about the cultural and historical factors that lead to underutilization of counseling centers among college students at UNCP.

Project Dates: June 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017

Heritage Week 2017 Social Media Plan

Funding from this planning grant helps Blue Ridge Community College design a plan to better promote events of Heritage Week, which raise awareness of diversity and a greater understanding of global issues. Funds cover consulting fees to help develop a social media plan.

Community Conversations on Civil War Museums and Historic Sites

Supports a 1 ½ days planning retreat between representatives of North Carolina museums, the North Carolina Museums Council (NCMC), and consultant Janeen Bryant in Durham to explore ways NCMC can facilitate a series of community conversations between museum representatives and non-traditional audiences to discuss ways of more inclusively interpreting slavery and the American Civil War.

Women in North Carolina History

This planning grant provides funds to support preliminary research on the feasibility to create a collaborative traveling exhibit on North Carolina Women and their contributions. The North Carolina Museum of History is a consulting partner. Potential partner sites include the Charlotte Hawkins Brown State Historic Site and the Ava Gardner Museum.

An Icon Transformed

A photography documentary exhibition on the repurpose and renovation of a 1939 public school located in hte heart of downtown Cary. This school sits on the original 143 year old site of first state-assisted public high school as well as near the school site for African American students.

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