V. Ann Tippitt


Ann Tippitt was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. Tippitt’s passion for teaching, history, and anthropology comes from growing up in a family rich in teachers and preachers. Her family line was living in North Carolina in the 1700s and over the following 150 years the family line made their way across Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, finally settling in east Texas and Arkansas. When Tippitt and her husband, Alan May, moved to North Carolina in the 1980, they were in a sense returning to our family’s early home.

Tippitt holds a BA in Anthropology/Sociology from University of Arkansas-Little Rock and a MA from the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville in Anthropology/Archaeology. Tippitt received her Ph.D. is from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in Anthropology/Archaeology. After working as a research archaeologist, she joined the staff of the Schiele Museum in as Curator 1988 and became Executive Director in 2005.