New Harmonies and Arts Council of Wayne County

The Arts Council of Wayne County promotes and provides access to performing and visual arts in the Wayne County, NC area. The Arts Council of Wayne County has planned an array of complementary programming to showcase its musical legacy. In addition to performances by local artists, acompanying exhibits and special activities through September 18 include: a Rhythms of New Orleans exhibit by Spencer Lawrence, My Album Collection by Martha Kornegay, Feel the Rhythm children’s exhibit by Eric Schreffler, a New Harmonies  Summer Art Camp Classes, hands-on music programs, roots music-related lectures, and musical performances including Mike ‘Lightnin’ Wells, the Flat Mountain Dulcimers, the Deeper Life Church Ministries Mass Choir, the Camelots, and jazz by Jeff Grimes.

Alando Mitchell

To say music is Alando Mitchell’s life is an understatement. Music is the very essence of the man. A native of Wayne County, NC, the bass player and drummer was born in 1972. From the very start he was surrounded by music. His father is an accomplished
guitarist and his mother plays the piano. All five of his siblings are also very musically inclined. “The stringed instrument runs in my family, the history of that is pretty thick…my greatgrandfather, we found out a few years ago, played the ukulele. He played that and then my grandfather, he and all of his brothers, all of them, played guitar. And it was like ten of them, eight or ten. Every last one of them played the guitar or some type of instrument.” Read more.