Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America

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Few aspects of American culture so colorfully and passionately celebrate the American experience as sports.  --Bob Santelli, curator, Hometown Teams

The North Carolina Humanities Council is bringing Museum on Main Street’s Hometown Teams to North Carolina in February 2015. 

The six Hometown Teams host sites include:

Sports are an indelible part of our culture and community. For well over one hundred years sports have reflected the trials and triumphs of the American experience and helped shape our national character. Our love of sports begins in our hometowns--on the sandlot, at the local ball field, in the street, even. Americans play sports everywhere. And if we’re not playing, we’re watching: in the stands, on the fields with our sons and daughters, or in our living rooms with friends in front of a television.

Hometown Teams combines the prestige of the Smithsonian Institution, the program expertise of the North Carolina Humanities Council, and the remarkable volunteerism and unique histories of small rural towns to invigorate communities with the opportunity to host popular public events and cultural projects.

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