Post-War Years, Cold War Fears: American Culture and Politics, 1946 - 1960

This documentary film, reading, and discussion series picks up America's story where "From Rosie to Roosevelt" leaves off. Exploring both the political and social history of the post-war period, "Post War Years" examines how America's new affluence, along with the demographic shift to the suburbs and a pent-up demand for goods and housing, combined to create a new consumer culture of the 1960's. The program will also investigate the origin and progression of the Cold War, the rise and fall of McCarthyism, the burgeoning of the civil rights movement, and the inception of modern feminism.

Format: VHS

  • Post-war Hopes, Cold War Fears (from “A Walk Through the 20th Century with Bill Moyers”)
  • The G.I. Bill and a segment from The Fifties (“Let’s Play House”)
  • Truman (from Episode III, ”Hell”)
  • Eisenhower (Part Two, Statesman)
  • The Fifties (Vol. 5, “The Beat”)
  • Eyes on the Prize